How to use condom

1. Check the expiry date on the condoms foil (each condom will have a printed expiry and batch number). Do not use out of date condoms. Condoms are for single use only.
2. Carefully tear open the foil along one side, being careful not to damage the condom with teeth, finger nails or jewellery.
3. Squeeze the tip of the condom to expel air (trapped air can create a tight seal and make the condom susceptible to breakage). Condoms unroll only one way, so be sure to have it rolling the right way before fitting. Do not fully unroll the condom as it will be difficult to fit on the penis.
4. The condom must be fitted before any sexual contact occurs, to offer you protection from semen and bodily fluids that may also carry sexually transmitted diseases.
5. After ejaculation, slowly withdraw the condom while the penis is still erect. Hold onto the rim of the condom during withdrawal to avoid leakage.
6. Tie off the end of the used condom and dispose of it hygenically. DO NOT flush the condom down the toilet, but wrap it in tissue and place in a bin instead.

7. In the unlikely event of breakage, or should the condom slip off, withdraw the penis immediately and do not ejaculate. Your local doctor or Family Planning Branch can give you advice for such occurences and offer 'Morning After' contraception if necessary.

Tips on using condoms

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