About us

We are professional condoms manufacturer since 1987 , located in Gu An Development Area, Hebei, with head-office in Beijing.

The company covers a land area of 32 000 sq meters with indoor production area of 25 000 sq meters. We operate five fully automatic 63 meters long dipping lines, with annual output capacity of 550 million of natural latex
male condoms.

At the same time we have automatic packaging machines of various models, leakage tester and other quality testing equipment to ensure the quality of our products.

All products are subject to inspection of the international standard
and meet the National Standard GB7544-2004 through the inspection
of the National Inspection Center.

                                   Your safety is our main concern.

The overall quality of the condom is the key in whichever condom
is used.

Condoms are made from the highest quality natural latex and are
triple-tested to insure the product reliability and your safety.

You can choose from a palette of sizes, shapes, flavours and colours. You can customize your condoms almost anyway you desire.

Our products are comfortable, practical and provide anyone with
a variety of choices ?and styles from which to choose.

We offer prompt delivery and competitive pricing.

We aim to provide the highest standards of service to customers
and consumers and we would appreciate your feedback whenever
and wherever possible.


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