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A condom
is a thin latex or natural lambskin sheath that is worn over an erect penis during
sexual intercourse to prevent the male sperm from entering the female vagina,
preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Condoms can be transparent or opaque, tinted, nipple-ended, rippled, studded, contoured,
ribbed, tipped, crowned and some glow in the dark. Spermicidal or not. Condoms are talc free, triple-tested to provide the highest quality and maximum reliability.

You can choose from a palette of sizes, shapes, flavors & colors. Nonoxynol-9 and Benzocaine can be added to offer spermicidal and delayed condoms respectively.

We also offer female condoms and condoms without sperm reservoir for female’s pelvis ultrasonic examination.

We offer
            High quality products,
Reliable services
Prompt delivery
Competitive pricing  

If you are looking for reliable producer of high quality condoms we are the One. We can be your one stop supplier.
We never ever leak!

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